We get it, water is essential. Introducing your solution to water-efficient car cleaning.

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Eco Green Auto Clean product division designs, formulates, manufactures, markets and is selling, innovative bio-degradable waterless car wash products. The service division consists of an eco-friendly green car wash location (hand car wash and automotive detailing) with a mobile concept (green waterless car wash) attached providing services to offices, golf courses and parking structures (hand car wash and detailing). Eco Green Auto Clean takes pride in using less than a cup of water per car wash, thereby saving at least 50 gallon/wash. And this waterless car wash eliminates all toxic run-off going into the rivers, streams and oceans. Imagine….

Purchase Eco Green Auto Clean waterless car wash products or stop by with your car and experience this phenomenon yourself! Eco Green Auto Clean offers a "green" car wash as an alternative to the "traditional" car wash. The traditional tunnel car wash (even the ones that recycle water) still waste over 50 gallon of water per car wash. With our Eco-Friendly products, almost anyone (men or women alike) can clean their car, indoor or outdoor. You will not get dirty or wet, therefore it is like cleaning your bathroom or kitchen at home. Our car cleaning products and car detailing products are designed to protect your car, give it a showroom shine and your car will stay shiny longer….

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How to clean your car with 1 cup of water

How to save millions of gallon of water!

Explains Business Model: How To Wash Car Waterless with Eco Green Products

How to clean body of a car

How to clean interior of a car

How to clean windows of a car


Absolutely NOT as long as you use our products correctly with our high quality microfiber towels. The technology of the products has a 14 year history in the USA and have been thoroughly tested. Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Auto Wash lifts the dirt off the surface, forming a protective barrier between the dirt and the paintwork. Did you know? Washing your car using the traditional water/sponge method can create “swirl marks” or spider web like scratches on your car’s paint.

Yes, you can. We recommend you to use more product and replace your microfiber towels often.

NO. Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Auto Wash is safe for the environment and safe for the people who use it. Essentially it is water with plant-derived chemicals. Using Eco Green Auto Clean Freedom Auto Wash properly will not cause any eye or skin rash, neither breath disorder. You can safely clean your car in a closed indoor area (garage). Remember that you can use Eco Green Auto Clean products anytime, anywhere!

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  • Stopped by for the first time today and was so impressed with this place. My car looks 10x better than when I take it to a normal car wash- shinier, and all the black trim looks darker instead of bleached out. I only did the exterior today, but will definitely do the interior next time! Another plus was the price- only $19 for my SUV.
  • I love these guys. Only people I trust washing my Porsche. They are very expensive, but it's worth it if you have a nice car. Only thing is that all the washers look like Abercrombie & Finch models. I found this out after I wondering why my wife was paying $50 to get her mini van washed!!!!
    A. G., Yelp

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